Marriage Moments

Introducing Marriage Moments

These marriage moments come from Susan Vogt and are offered here with permission. Susan has worked in diocesan family life education for the Catholic Church and been a consultant with the ecumenical Parenting for Peace and Justice Network for over 30 years. She is editor of the Journal of the National Association of Catholic Family Life Ministers (NACFLM) and content editor for the USCCB website on marriage Susan’s own website is

This Week’s Marriage Moment – 24th Apr. ’17

Over the years people develop little quirks and annoying habits. In healthy marriages both partners learn to overlook a lot and do little favours to accommodate the other. Jim knows I don’t like him to scrunch the carpet with his feet when sitting on the couch. He obliges me by putting his feet on a […]

This Week’s Marriage Moment – 17th Apr. ’17

Easter. The resurrection of Jesus which we celebrate on Easter was a pretty hard story for the women and apostles to believe. Today, we believe on the testimony of others and thousands of years of retelling the story. Unconditional love is so hard to believe. Believe your spouse’s love anyway.

This Week’s Marriage Moment – 10th Apr. ’17

Palm Sunday. Because we know how this Palm Sunday parade turns out, isn’t it amazing how quickly the praise turns to condemnation. How fickle we humans are. St. Paul reminds us, “He humbled himself…” (Phil. 2:8) Who is the more humble of the 2 of you? (trick question)

This Week’s Marriage Moment – 3rd Apr. ’17

Research indicates that the average person listens for 17 seconds before interrupting. (5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman) Sometimes one spouse may be more long winded than the other. Sometimes one hardly speaks at all. Pay attention to your words this next week. Try to meet in the middle.  

This Week’s Marriage Moment – 27th Mar. ’17

“Not as humans see does God see, because humans see the appearance but the Lord looks into the heart.” (1 Sam. 16:7) Yes, love can be blind, but deep love sees beneath annoying habits to the inner goodness. Name one positive quality that you see in your beloved that others might not see.

This Week’s Marriage Moment – 20th Mar. ’17

If you don’t do regular maintenance on your car, it may start spluttering and clanking. If your spouse is making noises (complaining, nagging etc.), maybe it’s time to look under the bonnet. You may find that neglect is the culprit. Perhaps you haven’t listened closely to what your beloved needs. Maybe work or the kids […]

This Week’s Marriage Moment – 13th Mar. ’17

“Go forth from the land of your kinsfolk” (Gn. 12: 1) Moving to a new home can be exciting, exhausting, and scary – all at the same time. Share the best and worst part of a move you’ve made together.

This Week’s Marriage Moment – 6th Mar. ’17

Lent has just begun but too easily it can go the way of New Year’s resolutions – Good idea but soon forgotten. Help each other. If you choose the same practice you can reinforce each other. If you choose different ones support each other’s growth – but don’t nag. It’s not a contest.  Click here for some […]

This Week’s Marriage Moment – 27th Feb. ’17

“Do not worry about your life.” (Mt 6:26) Worries come naturally into most couple’s lives. It may seem unrealistic not to worry. Try watching some birds today. It’s winter, but somehow they are surviving. Do they look sad? Learn from the birds.

This Week’s Marriage Moment – 20th Feb. ’17

A good marriage is not recognized by the absence of conflict, but the presence of peacemaking. One sign of a healthy marital relationship is the desire of a husband and wife to seek unity when there are disagreements and differences. (Family Minute)