Family Spirituality

As the new kid on the block, writing on family spirituality is comparatively sparse. In this section we invite contributors in the area of family spirituality and family ministry to share their thoughts and reflections. We hope to have a new contribution each month.

Kitchen Prayer

Lord of all pots and pans and thingsSince I’ve not time to beA saint by doing lovely things orWatching late with Thee

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Unto Us

Unto us...


Somewhere at sometime

They committed themselves to me

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Dear James Anthony

A new book written by Dr Tony Hanna, director of the Pastoral Plan in the Archdiocese of Armagh has just been published by Veritas.

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John Paul II – Longing for Family

Important as Pope John Paul II's thoughts on family life are, they seem to have slipped below the radar. Upon the occasion of his passion, I read many of the journalistic accounts, as well as the extensive TV commentary, hoping all the while to hear a word concerning his views on family. Silence! It's as if he had nothing to say on the topic. That he spoke and wrote more about family life than all previous popes combined seems to have been overlooked. What a tragedy.

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Where did you see Jesus today?

Summertime is often an occasion for family vacations. Having three sons, I've always tried to set apart some special time for each of them, knowing one on one time can give more focus to relationship fun (without refereeing differences among siblings). Occasionally, I've been able to take a big trip with one child.

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A Father’s Bedtime Story – When God Leaps into Family Life at Surprising Moments

"Hon, will you do Peter tonight?" Chris asked as she looked over at me, while on her way to the laundry room with dirty clothes. "Peter, give mummy a kiss."It was not really a question. This I understood. Peter, our youngest of six, was just five and "doing Peter," meant getting his room cleaned up and him off to bed. Usually I looked forward to this time, but tonight everything felt too burdensome. It wasn't from any one thing in particular; just the cumulative effect of being a family. As I headed for Peter's room, I wished for my own bed.

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